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What adulting has to do with my chronic illness crystal ball

July is a sneaky month, one minute cool days and colder nights give way to long days, heavy air, and sunshine in New England. I always gauge the progression of summer by how close my birthday in early August is, and from that point on summer seems to fly...
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How he knew he wanted to marry me

The other day, my fiancé Kyle and I were laying on the couch talking about our upcoming wedding, in 2 months.  We had recently decided to write our own vows and he was nervously venting about how stressful it would be to get everything he wanted to say out of his...
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How you win

Have you ever watched the fastest people in a marathon or other big race and wondered "how do they run so fast!?" You ogle at how fast their time was, and think "I could never do that."  Today I met someone who could.  My fiancé, Kyle, and I have been waking...
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Dear Mom, thanks for letting me breathe

Mom, thank you for dancing through a world where CF meant the future was uncertain

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How my parents got me to take control of my health

Growing up with cystic fibrosis, or any chronic illness, requires an immense amount of responsibility at an early age. And when I was a kid, the only thing I wanted to be responsible for was the remote control so that I could watch Disney and Nickelodeon cartoons. I...
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The mistakes we make that lead to wrong assumptions 

I recently attended a presentation about ADA accommodations, and something was said that got me fired up.

A well-meaning manager raised his hand and

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Is spring ever coming?

It's been raining in Boston for what feels like months. This time of the year, people start to get pretty frustrated, and you start to notice a lot more honking on your commute to work, as people start to get so sick of the bad weather. No one looks forward to a rainy...
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Why a positive attitude won’t cure you

Being happy-go-lucky is a cornerstone of my personality. When I was younger, and heard about people with cystic fibrosis, or other deadly illnesses, I didn't see myself in them. I knew the life expectancy of cf was in the 30's, and even though that scared the poop out...
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What’s next?

We have a problem in today's society. People are always asking, "What's next?" And what if, we just don't know? My fiancé and I were engaged in one of these conversations one night, filled with "by the time we're x age, we would like to x, y, z" and we found ourselves...
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How A Kids Movie Will Make You Re-Evaluate Your Life

If you haven't seen Trolls yet, save it for a day when you need to be reminded that we do, in fact, choose to be happy or we choose to be miserable. We all have days where we decide to complain about every single thing that happens to us that day, but by the end of...
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