Dear Person Smoking at the Concert,

I know you probably started smoking when you were 15, when you were young and stupid and you didn’t know any better other than that your teachers and parents told you not to, so that was reason enough. I know that its an addiction and that it would be a lot to just tell you not to do it any more. And I don’t blame you for that.
But what right do you have to smoke at a concert with at least 20 people downwind of it who were smart when they were 15, or 20 and didn’t take up this dirty rotten habit. What right do you have to damage MY already damaged lungs without my permission? Would you be annoyed if I had swine flu and coughed right into your face, infecting you? Because that’s the same concept buddy, damaging my health with your unhealthy habit. Let me just tell you, you’re RUDE, inconsiderate, ignorant, and stupid. You have no idea that I had to leave during my favorite song just to get some fresh air from your suffocating smoke, desperately searching my bag for my inhaler about to puke from coughing so hard trying to get it OUT of my lungs. All you care about is the buzz you get from the nicotine.
Why don’t you come over and do my vest and hypertonic saline with me? Maybe you’ll see how much it hurts to cough when your mucus is filled with smoke and you can’t get it out. It’s hard not to hate you right now when I’m running on 4 hours of sleep because I was coughing all night and it feels like I was the one smoking. It’s hard not to hate someone as selfish and ignorant as you… I hope you enjoyed the show.
The girl standing next to you with the T-shirt over her face coughing.