(letter inspired by Piper)

Hey, how are ya doing today cysty? Still trying to make my life miserable I see, you gave me a cough this morning which I immediately suppressed with a puff of Advair. Sorry, I win again.

Remember when you told me that you were gonna ruin my life? Well just wanted to take a moment to tell you how wrong you are by informing ya how I’ve been doing lately. Well, I’m 19 years old and you still haven’t gotten the best of me. Not to brag, but my FEV1 is around 90 and FVC over 100, come on CF don’t you have some bigger guns to knock me down? Guess your not so tough are you?

And guess what else! I’m going to college! Yup you heard me: college. Which means I’m gonna study something thats gonna give me a job one day. Yeah I’m thinking about my future, and YOU’RE not gonna ruin it! Once again, you’re wrong about ruining this life. I’m not expecting you to kill me any time soon, so I’m planning ahead to have the best adult life possible. I’d give up on this whole trying to take my body thing, it’s just not gonna happen!
And another thing… I think this whole bacteria colonization thing is just unfair. You can’t bring in outside enemies and gang up on me. On the other hand, Cepacia isn’t doing a very good job… at least not with my counter attack of nebs/vest every day. Sure, cepacia gives me the occasional fever and exhaustion, but its not something that’s slowing me down. I can still run miles around you…literally. Don’t you have anything better? Scratch that, don’t even bother, you can’t defeat me.
Oh and by the way, have you heard about all the new drugs being studied to kick your butt? You better run… FAST. I’d say by the time I’m 30 you’re gonna be history, just in time for the life expectancy to catch up with me. Sorry, you better start counting your days, they’re numbered, hopefully you’ll be outta here before ya know what hit you. In the mean time, I’ll be the one kicking your butt by being 100% compliant and loving life no matter what.
Nice try with the whole trying to ruin my life thing. You might as well accept that it’s never gonna happen. I’d just give up now CF…. you can’t win!