Today me and my mom went to my college to meet with the campus nurse. She was the NICEST lady and we talked about a lot of good stuff about college and cf. We talked about how I do the vest and I was surprised she knew all about chest pt because she used to do it on some patients. We also talked about how important it is to try to prevent the flu and getting sick. I’m getting pretty nervous about swine flu but hopefully the vaccine will be out soon (she said probably beginning of november which is too far!!!!), but as soon as it comes out I am going to try my hardest to get it, especially when I’m in such close contact with so many people.

We also talked about all the meds I do and how I am very compliant. I told her how I’m very open about my CF and how I plan to continue to be with the new people I meet. I figure its easier that people know I have to do my treatments, because I don’t want to skip out on them because I don’t want them to find out. She said she knows people at the college will still embrace me and not treat me any differently but at the same time they will understand that I may need special treatment from time to time. I wish I could remember the exact words she said but she put it very well.

I’m very excited to move in on Saturday, I’m starting to feel a little more comfortable about being independent with my CF care, I know this year is gonna be fantastic!