Let me first start out by saying I LOVE COLLEGE! We had a wet and rainy stormy, hurricane danny move-in, but it was all worth it! Me and my roomie spent hours decorating, and then we showed our room off to all our new friends in our hallway. They agreed our room was the prettiest!
I am making so many new friends and CF really hasn’t been too awkward yet. I haven’t really explained it to anyone, because it hasn’t come up, and that is honestly how I would prefer it. I would like people to get to know ME Lauren, before I tell them about my cf. I’m thinking about getting everyone in the hall together to tell them so I can do my treatments without them wondering what is going on. Regardless though, I am still able to find time before breakfast to get every thing done!!! AND my vest fits right under my bed so its out of the way and out of sight.
I’ve been busy with all kinds of orientation meetings and hanging out with new friends but I finally have some free time for a couple hours. It feels good to have time to rest and relax! I realized I am out of shape from walking all over campus LOL I must get my little legs working again. I am now off to my academic meetings and later we are doing volunteer work all around the neighboring city. My group is going to a nursing home to play bingo! I can’t wait 🙂
Here are some pics of our room!

My roommate relaxing on her bed!

My side of the room!

Us in our comfy chair, raining in the window