As you may know, I was one of the finalists for the SolvayCares scholarship. My Mom sent out an email and we got so many positive responses, she forwarded them all to me yesterday and they made me cry.

It’s amazing how many people I was able to touch with my story, I hope both members of the CF community and those outside of it can learn how to appreciate life and dance in the rain through my story. It was so great to receive all the emails saying such positive things. What really touched me was my aunt saying she had a rough 2 days but the inspiration she got from me was able to help her through. No matter if I win or lose, the fact that I was able to change the way people think about life is enough, that is truly the best feeling in the world.

If you would like to vote for me Please Click Here there are three ways to vote by phone, text, or online.

Also, please check out all of the other finalists, they have incredible stories. CFers really are incredible people, take some time to read our stories and recognize that though we may have a chronic illness, we are fighters.