I have been so inspired by the song posted on CFvoice ( See the Videos and Full song Here )

I just put it on some days and sing “One day I’ll breathe, I’ll breathe, I’ll breathe like you” That one line is so simple but so meaningful. It represents the hope I have every day that CF will be a thing of the past. It also represents the hope I have now, how, by being compliant, I’m trying to breathe like “them”… like someone without CF lungs.
I can’t help but notice my barrel chest and hunched over back from my inflamed lungs when I look in the mirror. Some may not notice until they look closely, but its a reminder every day that as much as I try to breathe as healthily as possible, my lungs are still scarred. My coughing in class still reminds me that the mucus is still there no matter how much I try. But these are strong lungs, and I know that one day I will breathe even fuller breaths than I do now because of my strength. And even if that day never comes, I know that I am putting up the toughest fight to make it happen.
The end of September marked my year without a clean-out. This is the longest I’ve gone in five years since i got cepacia. It means so much to know that for once I’m doing every thing I’m supposed to, religiously, and its actually paying off. Though I was somewhat compliant in those past 5 years, I still cheated. Now that I’m trying harder to breathe like “them”, I’m seeing results. And I’m seeing myself continuing to do whatever is possible to keep myself healthy. So that I’ll have a beautiful future where CF doesn’t get in the way. And I know that, sometimes, CF conquers us no matter how hard we try, so I’ll accept that and keep hoping and supporting the development of new drugs to help us defeat CF. I am fighting harder than I have ever fought before so that “One day I’ll breathe like you. I see the future. It seems so clear. One day I’ll breathe like you.”