Well after purelling, washing hands, and avoiding sick people at all costs I caught a cold. It started with a soar throat, to a stuffy nose, to fatigue, and now I’m just stuck with the cough (per usual)

I was a little worried about how I would fare being sick at school, but I am handling it pretty well. I emailed my professors and missed a few classes because I was so overtired I knew I wouldn’t be able to fight this off if I didn’t get some sleep. So I napped for 4 hours monday, another 2 on tuesday, and then headed to the doctors yesterday feeling a bit better.

I had a pulmonary check up already scheduled conveniently at the perfect timing. My PFTs were only down about 5-6 points (FEV1 86 last time, 81 this time) but to be sure my lungs bounce back I was put on prednizone, levaquin, and bactrim as a precaution (the cepacia can be risky!)

The prednizone makes me feel better almost an hour after I take it, its like my lungs are releasing their grip as soon as it gets in my system… minus the fact that it kept me up all night 😛 I will be taking it in the MORNING now! I warned my friends of the munchies/bitchiness that tends to come with me and prednizone. They said I can eat their food 😛

The good news: my weight is WAYYY up which I’m very excited about. I’ve gained about 7 pounds since I got to college (I’m halfway to the freshman 15!), and I’m now at a healthy 115 lbs for my height of 5 feet 0.

My nurse stressed to me not to over do it, so I’m going to be taking it easy this weekend and trying to get better. So I’m going back in a couple weeks to repeat PFTs and hopefully I can kick yet another cold.. if not I had a good year of kicking butt and that’s good enough for me! But seriously, because of my activeness and compliance my lungs have felt so strong lately and I feel like that is just another reason why I will hopefully be able to nip this one in the bud.