So as of wednesday I have been picc-free! My fev1 got up to 88 so we were happy! I always love the days after having a picc because I can do so many things which I couldn’t before:

1) Take a shower without a bag over my arm! Nothing stinks more than trying to wash your hair with one hand and awkwardly reaching over to get both sides of your head. That shower right after the picc is pulled is wonderful!

2) Sleep through the night. My med schedule worked out that my mom had to come in at 3 am and hook me up. It was great for both of us to just be able to sleep once it was over!

3) DANCE and swing my arm around as much as I want without worrying about the line pulling or getting caught on something

4) Go out without having to worry about coming home to hook up my meds.

5) EAT my thanksgiving dinner without getting nauseous or losing my appetite!

6) Wear short sleeves without having my under armour make-shift picc cover on and people wondering what it is

7) Sleep on my right side, I couldn’t when the picc was in [my right arm] cause I would wake up sore and I wasn’t supposed to anyway

8) Do my homework without getting sleepy!

9) FINALLY get to move back in to school (tomorrow) I miss my friends and living there SO much!

10) AND OF COURSE feeling better !