I was thinking about how much time we CFers spend on taking care of ourselves, as opposed to a “healthy” person, as we are spending an hour or two on treatments, vests, chest pt, exercise, etc. Then there’s the little things that add up, popping some pills, taking a little extra time to breathe at the top of the stairs, taking some time to take a nap, etc. Not to mention when you add in the days you go to the doctor, some traveling for more than an hour. I’d say it all averages out to about 3 hours or more. (How much time do you spend on your CF care a day?) If you look at those three+ hours a day its almost alarming. Thats 1/8 of our day, and if we spend 1/3 of our 24 hour day sleeping, thats almost 1/4 of our day. Is it worth the other 3/4 of our waking hours? Is it worth waking up at ridiculous times just to squeeze in a treatment before work? Is it worth going to the gym when you could be with friends? Is it worth running back to your car, or your house, or your room to get your pills you forgot? The way I see it, sacrificed time is worth it. For all the time spent taking care of yourself, you have 3/4 of healthy time to live your life. Time really is on your side even though it seems like this short life is even shorter when we take all our treatments into account. Sacrificing a little of your time for compliance will only make your free time that much more enjoyable.