First of all, I’m sorry for my absence from blogging. As you can imagine, the last couple weeks of the semester has left me swamped with work and friends and (luckily) nice weather. I spent the whole weekend performing in 3 dance shows with my RUCKUS step squad. We are a step, hip hop group and I have TONS of fun with it, not to mention I get lots of exercise!

My friend in Ruckus was wearing a pin and when asked what it was for she said that it was for the Great Strides Walk that she couldn’t attend due to the shows. She said that her best friend has CF! She was so surprised when another friend told her I had CF as well. She said she wouldn’t have even know and was impressed that I was able to be so active. I told her that I was very lucky with it and being active had made me even healthier. I feel like people who know others with CF have a special connection with each other. It affects everyone AND their loved ones and we can share a common bond and a common fight.
I had so much fun at the shows and with my team members! Here is a video of us performing I’m the shorty in the front during Rhianna , enjoy!