I think that sometimes we’re allowed to feel frustration with CF. Today I was feeling that as I read posts about people being sick, Cfers getting their wings, and generally over-thinking life with CF in the future. It so important to recognize these feelings but not to be self-loathing or to give up. We have to turn those feelings into something that can aid us in our fight.

It’s days like this when

It’s so hard to

be positive.

How can you smile

When people are hurting?

When people are dying?

When a cure’s so close

you can smell it

but there are too many


and technicalities

and “it-takes-years-to-pass


and more-years-to-get-approved.”

When in 5 years I could be

in the real world

in 10 years I could be


When in 20 years I could be….

…but I hate to think about

the future.

Because when I was seven

I was sure I’d be cured

by the time I was twenty.

But twenty is a few months away,

and I’m not.

I want to have dreams of

growing old,

picture myself


and wobbling

and sick from age

not sick from this.

It’s days like this,

that I’d rather

pretend I don’t think these things.

But it’s real, and it’s truth,

and it reminds me

to keep going

because it reminds me






but accepting that

without a fight

isn’t fair either.

…So I keep fighting.