Yesterday, my Mom handed me a letter that was in the mailbox. The return address was Buzz Lightyear, 1553 Sycamore Ave, Pixar, CA. Ofcourse I knew who it was right away from the distinctive handwriting. OBVIOUSLY BUZZ LIGHTYEAR WAS WRITING ME A LETTER! He must have known how much I loved Toy Story 3!

….But in all seriousness. Sarah is one of my best friends. While she was at college in Michigan, we wrote each other letters weekly. We talked about everything from new friends to old friends, from missing home to finding a new home, from boys to love, from classes to lessons we learned beyond the classroom. Since we are both writers and took creative writing together and shared our poems and stories whenever possible, writing was something therapeutic for us. And not to mention, Sarah is an amazing listener and she tells her stories in this fantastic, exciting way.

Well the letter was from Sarah. Even though we are home now, we just miss the letter writing. She talked a bit about the things going on in her life, (and… by the way, she is has a strong, admirable way of handling things) and then she commented about my blog, which I have just recently started sharing publicly with my closer friends on facebook. “You inspire me Lauren. Whether you know it or not. You make me want to live my life to it’s fullest potential…” Then taped to the bottom, was a small but incredible thoughtful gift….

A couple weeks ago, I drove to Plymouth to meet up with her at work, we were at lunch and she showed me her Silly Band. It was a PURPLE PENGUIN. Purple happens to be my ALL TIME FAVORITE color and I am OBSESSED with penguins. Knowing this, she offered it up but I told her I didn’t have one to trade so I’d pass, after all it was hers.

Well, taped on the letter was the silly band. Such a small token, but such a big meaning. Sarah is self-less, she is caring, always happy for her friends, always supportive, and this just proved that. For some reason, it made me tear up. YES YOU HEARD ME, A SILLY BAND MADE ME CRY! It was kind of silly to get so emotional over a little silly band, but thats just the type of person I am! Of course after, I laughed at this, I seem to be always getting a kick out of the little things!

I am so lucky to have a friend like Sarah. I know we will be friends for life, no matter how far away we are.