With CF, I’ve realized, there’s A LOT to remember to do on a daily basis. So much so, that it’s often hard to balance all the OTHER everyday stuff that (for lack of a better word) normal people have to remember. Having a bad memory as it is, this is often frustrating, it’s difficult to save space in your brain to remember to do your advair rather than send that important e-mail or juggle your social life. I don’t know if other CFers have this problem where they are daffy, scatter brained, and oblivious to some things because they are focusing so much on all the other stuff they have to remember, but I know I do, especially as a college student. I’ve compiled a list of things that I have to remember to do on a daily, weekly, monthly basis:

Do nebulizers
Clean nebulizers
Dispose of trash from nebulizers
Do vest
Go home to pick up more medicine delivered
Put in contacts
Replace contacts
Take pills
Group meeting for class
Brush my teeth
Do sinus rinse
Look nice, do hair, make-up, pick out clothes
Tidy up room cluttered with medical things
Keep emotions in check
Refill pill container
Go to class
Refill prescriptions
Do laundry
Remember details of friend’s lives
Check if I need a refill in prescriptions
Get gas for my car
Take a shower
Hang out with friends
Do assignment for one class
Put away nebulizer
Do something enjoyable
Get 30 min of exercise
Sterilize nebulizer
Eat snack to keep weight up
Do advair
Do assignment for another class
Make sure I have enzymes in my purse
Refill enzymes in purse when I don’t

Go to club meeting

Take enzymes with everything I eat
Remember that thing my friend said
Eat another snack to keep weight up
Go to CVS to get shampoo, deodorant, and make-up

Go to hot yoga
Drink lots of water after hot yoga
Do assignment for another class

Make study appointment
Read that article for that thing
Go to the store to stock up snacks
Have belly ache from forgetting enzymes
Go to CVS to get distilled water

Be worried if I catch a cold
Keep in touch with home friends
Have cough attack

Go to study appointment
Go to CVS to get tissues, Zycam, and gatorade incase of cold
Have tight cough from forgetting some sort of inhaled medication
Apply for internships
Take motrin for fever or headache from exhaustion of all this
Dress warm for the cold
Do study medication 3x a day
Hang out with friends
Go to CVS to get prescriptions
Keep up with CF friends
Read CF friend’s blogs
Do advair before bed
Get 8 hours of sleep
If failed, take a nap during the day
Go to CVS to get vitamins
Go to doctor appointment

Stay hydrated
Bring water bottle

Make sure water bottle is filled
Go to meeting
Eat a lot of calories
Finish my meals…
Assess if I need a nap
Have time to enjoy life
Take another nap
E-mail nurse if having problems
Go to meeting
Respond to nurse’s e-mail
Have phone on in case doctor calls
Think about all the things I have to do
and finally
…. write a blog post

So there ya go. Life gets kind of hectic with CF. I’m always thinking about what I forgot to do that day, making sure my mental check-list of tasks is completed, and 95% of the time it’s not, apparent today by the pile of used viles on my desk, the two empty pill bottles next to them (pictured above), and the fact that I stayed up catching up with friends and slept in late and lost time on doing the reading due next class. Its difficult to balance a list like this, but it’s something, through years of practice, I’ve grown accustomed to. At times I stop to think how easy it would be not to have CF, to wake up and go to class rather than waking up and doing all those CF things first, to be able to pull all nighters or get minimal college sleep without it taking a drastic toll on my health, to take less trips to CVS pharmacy, to have more time to waste. But this is my life, it’s all I’ve ever known. This list may seem daunting, but it’s just another day for me. Yeah, sometimes it’s overwhelming, but it’s the hardships in our daily lives which make us stronger right?