Lately I’ve needed a big reality check. I’ve been thinking too much about the things I dont have in my life, about the things I wished I’d been able to do, about those little things CF has limited me on. I quickly slapped myself and realized, sure, its frustrating to feel your life isn’t everything you wish it was, but no one is ever going to have a perfect life, and I am not the exception. 

I realized how silly I was being by looking at the way other people acted. One day, it seemed like everyone I ran into was complaining, about STUPID stuff. I thought, shouldn’t these people just be happy with what they have? Little did I know that these people were a reflection of myself, usually your judgments of others are. I needed to take a moment and look at how wonderful my life really is. I am healthy, happy, and I have several people who love me unconditionally. That is all I could ask for.

When I went to Camden New Jersey, my group and I were talking one night about how afraid we were of forgetting how we felt while we were there. We lived the week with only a few changes of clothes, no cell phones, computers, no contact with our friends, and we felt so content. We spent our days surrounded by people who had less than us, but who had much more to offer. They could still smile even when they had virtually nothing. They could still teach us valuable lessons and have beautiful conversations. To me, their lives were meaningful. Unfortunately, some days, that fear I had comes true. Sometimes, I take for granted the life I have. Some days, I don’t take a moment to appreciate my warm bed, the fact that I have a paycheck, and the love that surrounds me. There are many many people who don’t have any of that. I still have to remember them, pray for them, and realize that I’m not the only person in the world with worries and problems. In fact, there are many out there whose worries and problems are a lot bigger than mine. So its time to stop complaining, take a look around and see the things in your life that you HAVE, see the beauty in the sunset, take a moment to hold onto those people, moments, and things that make life worth living, and be happy with that.