I don’t run to lose weight.

I don’t run for sexy legs (though that’s an added bonus)

I don’t run to come in first place.

I don’t run fast, and I don’t run to beat you.

I don’t run for the clothes.

I don’t run for the flashy sneakers.

I don’t run for bragging rights

and I don’t run cause its cool.

I run to live.

I run to breathe

stronger and deeper and clearer breaths.

I run so I can brag to CF that I can.

I run for those who can’t.

I run for the sound of cheers when I cross the finish line (in 5,000th place thank you!)

I run because it feels so. damn. good.

I run for the rush.

I run to clear my mind.

I run because if I don’t, it means I’m not trying.

I run for the fatigue, 
and the sore legs, 
and the exhaustion, 
and the (salty) sweat 
that proves I’m fighting.