WOW, my life has been in major transition the past month. I went from being a college student for 4 years, to applying for jobs, to accepting a job, and now to working full time. I thought it would be appropriate to write about responsibility since this new phase of my life comes with a lot of it… but luckily CF has taught me how to be responsible since the day my mom stopped reminding me to do my treatments and entrusted that responsibility on to me.

Yesterday I was inspired to start blogging again when I read my fibro Ronnie’s post Run, Sickboy, Run – Cystic Fibrosis and Exercise: Cystic Fibrosis ALWAYS Gets Worse, in it he candidly reflects on his own way that he took care of himself, and calls others to change their habits for the sake of their health. His post was a breath of fresh air, because he dared to encourage CFers to take responsibility for their own health.

For me, being responsible started with doing my treatments every day and taking my pills. And that’s where it ended. You see, with CF, it isn’t just about taking responsibility by doing what your doctor tells you… its about maintaining a balance within your body that goes way beyond the doctors recommendations. For me, that means getting enough sleep, it means taking days to rest, it means staying completely hydrated, it means eating enough calories AND enough nutritious food, it means eliminating stress in my life, it means having a support system, it means exercising, it means not drinking too much or too frequently, which goes back to STAYING HYDRATED (I can’t stress that one enough), it means keeping my sinuses clear with sinus rinses, it means getting my allergies under control, it means taking a moment to just laugh it off, it means listening to my body, and responding appropriately. You see, responsibility comes in many forms, and when you let one thing slip, the whole balance can be thrown off.

The first step in being responsible is recognizing where your weaknesses are and where you can do more. The past month or so, I haven’t taken ENOUGH responsibility, which is probably partly the reason why I felt it inappropriate to be blogging. The past month, sure I was still 100% compliant with my treatments and my medication BUT I slacked off on running, I made excuses for myself, I got lazy, I wasn’t eating right or enough, I wasn’t doing enough sinus rinses during allergy season, and because of that I wasn’t feeling 100%. It wasn’t until I started doing all of those responsible things that I started to do better. You see, to the outsider, I was doing everything I was supposed to… but I wasn’t doing enough, and I had to listen to what my body was telling me when I was in that state of imbalance.

So I challenge you, CFers, to look at what you are taking responsibility for and find where your imbalances lie, and I guarantee your health will be better for it. And non-CFers too, I’m sure there are things you can do better in your own life, things you can take responsibility for in order to live your best life possible.