Author: Lauren

The Past: “Treatment Tapping Time!”

I was thinking today about what it was like for me in the past compared to now. So I decided to start a series of posts that reminisce to my younger days with CF. I remember my smiling dad saying cheerily every day “TREATMENT TAPPING TIME” Tapping of course was our name for chest PT, and somehow he thought both the alliteration and saying it like it was snack time or play time made it seem better than what it was. Sometimes we’d play games while I did my nebulizer. And we would watch whatever I wanted while he did my Chest PT. I had a mask instead of the mouthpiece because I hated the taste of everything. And my nebulizer was about twice the size of the one I have now. Of course, I tried to avoid it every day. I would cry and my mom would pretend to call the doctor at which point I would shove the mask on my face with a pout. I complained that the Tobi tasted bad. I complained that the tapping hurt. I complained that I just wanted to sleep. To get me to be compliant we made a chart. Every time I did my vest 10 times, I got to go to the local candy store, Skinners, and get whatever I wanted. Sometimes I got $10 worth of candy which...

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Running with Meka

Lately I have been taking my lab dog Meka running with me and its so fun! We start out in the backyard where we do a warmup lap and then I stretch while she plays with her ball and sprints around. We set off walking down my side street to warm up then we start to jog at the end. I don’t even need to bring my headphones with me cause she keeps me entertained. Its so great running outside in the fresh air with her. She trots along panting right along with me and keeps up the full 2 miles that we run together. I’ve even got her to ignore other dogs walking past us because she is so engaged in our workout. Once we get home I stretch and cool down. Today, we went for a swim in our pool to cool down from the hot sun. Meka even came along! Next time she comes swimming with me I’ll post a video, its HILARIOUS. She jumps sooooo high then pretty much bellyflops into the water and fetches her ball! Right now she’s grumpy though because she has to dry off before she can come cuddle with me ! Time to go do my nebs now. My lungs are craving hypertonic saline!!!!!!...

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This is my first post on blogger, and it will continue from my other blog on If you haven’t been following that one then allow me to introduce myself! My name is Lauren and I have Cystic Fibrosis. Along with that I have cepacia… but it isn’t as bad as it looks I swear! This year I have been exercising like crazy and though usually I have a “clean-out” 2-3 times a year, this is now my 10th month without it. WOOO HOO! I’m extremely compliant with all my treatments as well. I come from an amazing family who supports me 110% in everything I do. It is because of my mother than I have learned to deal with CF so well. And it is because of the rest of my family and friends that everything I go through is bearable. The support that I receive is overwhelming. So now I’m just enjoying summer and getting ready for my first year of college in the fall. Follow along for all the exciting stuff this CFers life has to offer....

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