So I’m less than a week away from my first day of college. I have some things I’m nervous about, and some things I’m excited about, so I figured I’d make a list.

I’m nervous about telling people I have CF,
nervous they won’t understand what it is,
nervous about doing my treatments in front of new friends
nervous about finding TIME to do my treatments when its convenient
nervous about how good the food is
nervous about staying compliant, no matter how much fun I’m having
nervous about being tired, and having too much work
nervous about staying up too late, not getting enough sleep
nervous about getting sick
nervous about staying away from the people who are sick
nervous about making new friends (but excited too)
nervous about who will be there to talk when I need it (though my roommate has proved talkworthy)
nervous about being away from my boyfriend… we have decided to take a break while he’s away 🙁
No matter what my nerves, I know I will have to address them directly, and not let them rule my first few weeks. I know that I will have to create a balance between my CF care, and my social life, and when I find that balance all will be well. Though I’m a little scared about being a college student with CF, I know it will be ok. After all, I have so much to be excited about, the nerves will probably melt away!
I’m excited to gain even more independence than I have now
excited to meet new people and learn new stories
excited about my classes
excited that the gym is just a 2 minute walk away
excited that I can take yoga, pilates, zumba, and workout classes for 20 bucks a semester
excited to decorate my dorm room
excited about my dorm location (right in the middle of everything)
excited about having my meals cooked for me every day
excited to wear my new rain boots when it rains
excited about all the fun activities that are already approaching: volunteer work in the city, trip to boston, a concert, a dance, a bigscreen movie outside, a carnival, and a casino night!
excited about having freedom
excited about getting involved
excited about having friends that live right down the hall, or across campus, no car needed
excited about having new opportunities to help others and to help myself grow as a person.
Excited about the beautiful campus
Excited about College.

The sports complex where I will be working out