Here’s me in Maine doing my VEST and nebulizer. As many of you know, I got the new vest that is more portable complete with a handy little bag on wheels allowing me to take it wherever I go! For the fourth of July, I visited Kyle in Maine and we went to his family’s “camp” on Little Sebago. It was great that I was able to bring my vest along and stay the whole long weekend (thursday to monday) without feeling crummy without my treatments. I’m lucky Kyle has such a great family that is so supportive of me and my treatments too. Kyle had to push me a little to bring my vest from his house to the camp on the Fourth when I would have rather swam and tanned than have done my treatments. He hung out with me while I did them and I’m so glad he’s such a good guy to be willing to push me to take care of myself just like my mom has!
I even managed to work in some exercise while in Maine, doing a nice (and hilly!) 2 mile run for a couple of the mornings I was there. I loved breathing the fresh Maine air in the morning and it allowed me to feel my best all weekend! Another morning, Kyle and I swam across the lake and back. Even though I had to modify my exercise with a boogie board to prevent me, the weak swimmer, from drowning, I still got a good workout while Kyle trucked ahead not even out of breath. He ROCKS and helps me to keep pushing!

My point is, it was great to be able to continue my treatment and exercise regimen while away from home. The new vest has opened up so many doors. Now I am confident that I will be able to do things like study abroad and visit my friends far away without worrying about feeling tight and coughing a ton. Taking care of myself was only a small part of my little “vacation,” I was able to enjoy swimming in the lake, watching the sunset, seeing amazing fireworks reflecting over the lake, cooking s’mores by the fire, going out for lunch by the water, mini-golfing, shopping, kayaking, going to the movies, watching Kyle play baseball, and just spending time laughing with Kyle’s family. It was a great weekend and I owe a lot of that to my new vest, and even more of that to my amazing boyfriend and his family!

 And now some pics:

Kyle Looking out into the Sunset

Our Baseball Star
Just hangin out 🙂