I have a quote hanging next to my bed that says “Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going -Jim Ruyn” Waking up next to this is perfect, because I am starting to make running 3+ miles every morning a habit. If I make it something I do religiously before my treatments and showering every morning a habit, I’m all the more likely to not need  that motivation as much. I know that when my alarm goes off (after pressing snooze a few times) I’ll be waking up and going on my run.

Lots of other things have become habit too: doing treatments before breakfast, taking pills before food, coughing into my arm, keeping water with me, running away when someone coughs, etc. Our habits make living with this disease easier. We get used to the little things we have to do throughout the day to stay healthy. Sure, some days, those little things are a nuisance, and we need some motivation to get started, but finding that motivation doesn’t always have to be hard. When I get up in the morning, my motivation is kicking CF’s butt, like that enemy you have who you always want to be better than. My motivation is the people who love me and are somewhat burdened by taking care of me when I’m sick. My motivation is my future, and not letting sickness get in the way of that. Once I’m motivated and once I’ve fallen into my habits, nothing can break me. CF becomes easy, going beyond my level of care becomes easy, running three miles becomes easy (I never thought I’d say that). I never thought I’d be in such good shape that I am today, but thanks to my habits, I prove  CF wrong with each running step on the pavement.