As you can see from my absence of blogging, I’ve been busy busy busy! With the pre-finals crunch came a job offer and working 3 times a week on top of my schooling. Unfortunately, when I get busy, blogging goes by the way-side as I start prioritizing. And one thing that is at the top of that list is NAPS.

Cf isn’t just a disease that makes you cough, it has lots of annoying effects that come with it, and it’s not always apparent when those little things are affecting me. With CF, especially when you have bacteria colonized in your lungs, its not unheard of to feel sleepy half-way through the day. That tired feeling I get is a minor nuisance in my day as long as I am able to fit a nap into my schedule, but when I can’t, things get pretty funny. My stages of tired-ness vary from cranky (as my Mom will tell you after waking me up any given morning), to easily emotional, to speaking backwards, to getting just plain goofy. I think I’ve experienced every one of those stages these past couple weeks, as exhaustion sweeps over me after waking up at 7 so I can do my treatments before work, then working all day, only to come back to sit through a 2.5 hour class at 6 PM, my step team practice until 11, and then try to get some homework in before bed time, realizing I wrote entire words all jumbled up (thank God for spell check!)

As frustrating this fatigue can be, it’s just another thing you gotta deal with when you have CF. I’m trying my best to live a normal college life without CF getting in the way. Like anything else, when things get busy, I adjust. I prioritize. Maybe I’ll go for a run to wake myself up, maybe I’ll take a nap. If I sleep in late by accident, I forgive myself because I know my body needed it. At the end of the day though, I gotta look at what is important, I know that being exhausted sets my body up for failure. I know that my immune system isn’t gonna work right if my body isn’t well rested. So I do whatever is necessary to balance my busy life with my need for sleep. If I know I’m going to have a long day tomorrow, I make sure I get to bed early tonight. At the end of the week, I might go to bed early on a Friday night to make sure I am able to catch up, even if I gotta miss out on some fun. I try to fit in quick naps on my busier days, even if its for only 20 minutes. I know that all-nighters aren’t an option for me. I try to get my work done sooner rather than later so I don’t have to resort to late nights. I don’t drink coffee because I know I’ll just crash later. If anything, I’ll have a nice hot cup of green tea.

Making sure I get enough sleep is just another part of my compliance regimen, taking care of my body to make sure anything in my control is taken care of so an infection or a virus can’t creep up. Yeah, its hard when I have 5 million other things to do, but its all about that balance you find when you are dealing with something less-than-desirable. Obstacles come up. We can either complain about them, or we can find ways to deal with them, as long as we take the initiative to adjust, those obstacles are nothin!