Last Sunday, after the whole summer and fall of training, I competed my third 7.2 mile Falmouth Road Race (this time in the fall). That day, November 3rd, also happened to be the end of daylight savings, meaning the start of the sun setting at like 4:30, meaning it’s pitch black by the time I get home from work.

That day, November 3rd, also seemingly (to me) felt like the start of winter in New England, at least at 6 AM, where temperatures seemed to be in the 30’s each morning. And the week after November 3rd, seemed to be very “busy” and filled with couch surfing, lazy time, and stress that meant I couldn’t be bothered to run.

My excuses to take a week off this week:

I deserve it!! I ran 7.2 miles, I need a break!

It’s dark outside when I get home, I can’t go running in the dark!

It’s cold in the morning, I can’t run in the morning!

I only have a 1/2 hour, thats not enough time.

I’m too tired to wake up a 1/2 hour earlier anyways.

How I met your mother is on! 3 hours after I get home from work!

I’m dehydrated, it will suck!

I’ve taken 3 days off, getting back into it will suck!

My cough is too tight today (because I’m on my 5th day off), running will suck!

And now, a week into my little “break” which was really just an excuse filled week, I’m feeling like I skipped my vest for a week, or my nebulizers, or my advair, or my pills. I don’t have as much energy or motivation, and my cough is tight and more frequent.

Exercise, for CFers, needs to be seen as part of your treatments. I am 100% compliant with my vest and nebulizers, so why shouldn’t I be with my exercise? There is absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t have worked out this week. Yes it was cold, but I have a gym that is a 2 minute walk from my apartment. Yes it was dark, but again, I have a gym a 2 minute walk from my apartment. Yes, I was dehydrated, so what? Yes, getting back into it will suck, but after that initial cough-filled run, I’ll feel better. There is no excuse not to take care of myself, and this week, as far as I’m concerned, I slacked off. But you know what is important? This morning I woke up a half hour earlier, put on my warmest running clothes, and ran a measly 2 miles because I’m not letting my excuses prevent me from staying healthy. This week I learned that you can’t take a vacation from caring for yourself. So I’m back at it! And I feel great!

Exercise NEEDS to be a part of your weekly care for your CF. I only took a week off and I could see how much different my lungs and my body felt. I couldn’t imagine not ever incorporating exercise and activity in my weekly routine. So, what’s your excuse?