Sunny day

It’s been raining in Boston for what feels like months. This time of the year, people start to get pretty frustrated, and you start to notice a lot more honking on your commute to work, as people start to get so sick of the bad weather.

No one looks forward to a rainy day around here. We grumble and gripe and complain that spring never seems to come in New England. 

But today, for the first time in what felt like a month, it was sunny, and a whopping 45 degrees. Woo hoo! Kyle and I went out to run some errands and grab lunch, even though we had dishes to do, laundry to fold, and I had homework to finish. Priorities.

Soon enough, we found ourselves in a traffic jam in the center of town.

Why is it that everyone felt compelled to go outdoors on a a 45 degree day?

We laughed at how everyone else had the same idea as us. Since it’s been so miserable these past few weeks, no one wanted to waste a sunny day and we itched to get outside. Plus, the forecast is calling for a few days of sun so everyone is getting a little jump on spring mode.

Any other 45 degree day wouldn’t seem drastically exciting, but after all this rain, it was suddenly enough to make everyone want to seize the day. 

My logo for The So What Life is a girl with an umbrella, because throughout my life, I’ve tried to remember to appreciate my life on the rainy days too, instead of waiting for a sunny one to come along. It’s always possible to bring an umbrella.

But I can’t argue that there’s something about that first spring-like day. The town was buzzing about the warm weather on the way, and we got to appreciate it even more after a cold, snowy winter.

It reminds us that the rainy days are temporary, and we will do what we can to not get too wet in the meantime.

Better days are ahead. And when they come, we’ll appreciate them that much more. ☂️